5 comments on “About work & internship at Creative Blue Musicproduction & Mixing Studio

  1. Ahhh – If only I could afford not to get paid, I’d come over and be your intern !! – I’d love to learn more about music production, mixing and mastering. I do all my writing stuff by ear. I can read music, but …V..e..r……y……s..l…o…w…l…y….. LOL – I do like to think I have a reasonable ear ( or two !! ) – and I noticed things that weren’t right after my producer had mixed my tracks…fairly subtle stuff, but noticeable to me…… Sadly I can’t afford the change in career, the salary drop would be too much. I’m destined at the moment to do music for a hobby……

    • Thanks so much Maxxy! It’s great that you can do it by ear, thats also how I do it, and this is a talent that not everybody has, and it’s the greatest requirement to become a good producer, writer, mixer! BTW. I do pay my interns!

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